Some of your Questions:

Q. What is a UTM?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a tool that enables you to monitor your online traffic in great detail. UTMs are code fragments that are applied to a link or URL. Once this code is included, you may see a wealth of extra data on your traffic. Without UTMs, just the referrer may be shown (which is where the traffic came from). For instance, you may be able to determine that a particular proportion of your traffic originated from Facebook, but you won't be able to identify the specific post, page, link, or ad from which it originated. This indicates that corporations know relatively little about the origins of their website visitors.

Q. What is a Campaign URL Builder?

It works by appending UTM tracking parameters to one of your URLs, so transforming it into a URL that you can monitor separately as part of your marketing campaign.

Briefly, UTM parameters are tags added at the end of URLs in order to assess a marketing campaign. When users click on a URL containing a UTM parameter, you will get information about the channel they used to access your website and their engagement with it.